Support 76077!

If you want to see 76077 steam again – and why wouldn’t you? – there are several ways you can help.

Become an owner!

The best way is to become a shareholder: a part owner of the locomotive.  An ownership that will confer privileges and not least the considerable satisfaction of seeing ‘your’ engine’s restoration progress and of course, when it is returned to service, to ride behind it or even enjoy a footplate ride.

Whether you want to buy your special piece of this extraordinary locomotive through instalments of as little as £10 per month or buy a significant shareholding up-front, you can do so now.

And by making an investment, you will bring the day that the engine steams for the first time since 1967 just that little bit closer.

You can download a share application form here.

And you download a banker’s order form here.

What benefits do I get if I’m a shareholder?

Whatever size your share, you will enjoy benefits that range from a VIP invitation to ride on one of the first trains hauled by 76077 to a full footplate experience.  If you can invest £5,000 or more you will become a member of the exclusive ‘77 Club’ which will have a maximum of 77 members who will enjoy a range of privileges and rewards.

Our current Shareholder Rewards information can be found here.

You can offer practical help

Whether you are a skilled engineer or just want to offer help with the engine’s restoration, marketing, publicity, manning a stand at an event or anything else, then drop us a note and let us know how your would like to assist, email us here.

For GWSR volunteers with a current work permit, we run regular planned workdays at Toddington.

You can sponsor a component!

A full range of components are now available to sponsor – many of them are prominent features including the chimney and buffers.  This is a great way to support the project and to be able to see exactly where your donation has been spent. 

Most components have long lead times for delivery as they are being made to order. However there are some that are being made in batches so having funds to purchase them, as they become available, makes great sense.

All components sponsored will give you the same value in shares, so this is a great opportunity to become a new shareholder or to increase an existing shareholding. A Roll of Honour listing will be shown on our website and future editions of ‘The Toddington Standard’ acknowledging our sponsors.

A full list of general components available to sponsor can be downloaded here. The list will be updated periodically as components are sponsored and new items added. If you want to sponsor any of these items, please download and  complete the Sponsor Application Form here.

Boiler Component Sponsorship


With continued good progress being made on the main locomotive chassis and body, our Boiler appeal is now live and we are offering a range of boiler components that can be sponsored. We have selected a range of items to suit all budgets and the sponsorship cost covers both material and labour costs for each item. A full list of available Boiler Components and descriptions can be downloaded here. A specific Boiler Component application form can be downloaded here.

All Component Sponsors will receive the equivalent value in locomotive shares and have access to all of the TSLL Shareholder benefits applicable to their value of shares.

Full details and progress of the boiler appeal can be found on our dedicated Boiler Appeal page.

Tender Wheels Sponsorship

Wheelsets as purchased

We have been very fortunate to acquire an original set of BR2A tender wheels and axle boxes.  These wheels have been in storage for over 40 years since being rescued from Britton Ferry Steelworks. 

The steel works purchased many steam locomotive tenders from Barry Scrap yard. The tanks were removed and the chassis used as a flat wagon to carry steel ingots.  During the 1980’s these frames were deemed surplus to requirements and many were sold back to preservation schemes.

Some of the tenders were in such poor condition that only the wheels were of use so many of the frames were simply scrapped. 

Newly turned and painted wheelsets at LMS

This welcome but unexpected purchase needs to be paid for as we don’t wish to jeopardise the current works on the locomotive.  The wheels and axle boxes will be overhauled ready for use on our new tender construction. To fund the initial purchase, transport and overhaul costs, we are offering the opportunity to sponsor spokes and half spokes at a cost of £350 and £175 respectively. If you are able to assist with this specific appeal, you can download the tender wheel sponsorship form here.

Make A Donation

Whilst issuing shares is still the most tax efficient method of receiving income, we understand many people would prefer to make smaller one-off donations to support our project. All donations are gratefully received and help us towards our goal. You can donate by card by hitting the green button below.

If you would like any more details about becoming an owner, sponsoring a component or making a donation please email Dawn Southwell, our Share Registrar.