Workshop update

May 27, 2020

While all of our volunteers have been locked down under Covid-19 restrictions, our contractors at LMS have been able to continue to work on the loco safely and in line with Government safe working guidelines.   

We are pleased to announce that the Pony Truck has now been fully refurbished and reassembled for the first time in about 30 years!

Our technical Director Andy Meridith has provided the following update report:

The pony truck has been extensively rebuilt to rectify some previous damage which looks to have been caused by a derailment (not necessarily loco No 76077).  The horn guides and A frame were found to be bent and required straightening and machining to achieve satisfactory alignment.  As well as re-metaling and machining the axle boxes, new underkeeps were fitted to replace those lost at Barry.  All pins, bushes and fixings have been renewed and a full complement of 10 new springs fitted.  Whilst stripping the pony truck we found evidence of parts from several other locos.  76054, 80019 and LMS Ivatt 41294 were stamped on the centre casting, horn guides and axle boxes respectively.  Obviously Eastleigh must has picked up the best bits they had lying about when the loco received its final overhaul.

Great news and positive progress in these uncertain times.  Many thanks to Andy and the team at LMS.