Work at Loughborough has seen the replacement steam operated drain cock castings and the internal parts for these completed. We
Work during the month of September has consisted of building the main smokebox structure and the door assembly.  The smokebox
Restoration work on the cab has commenced at Unity Engineering under the management of Chris Baldwin who has also done
Following on from the successful re-wheeling of the locomotive’s frames, our attention has been split between the manufacture of a
On Thursday 17 June 2021, your locomotive passed a major milestone in its restoration. The driving wheels and pony truck
As I write this at the beginning of April the world does seem to be on the way to returning
Due to the current nationwide lockdown work to re-wheel the locomotive has been delayed.  As well as paid engineering work,
Since my last report, much progress has been made and particularly reassembling the rear drag box. The riveting of the
Since the pony truck was completed work has concentrated of three main areas. Front drag box repairs, rear drag box
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