Cab restoration work commenced

August 27, 2021

Restoration work on the cab has commenced at Unity Engineering under the management of Chris Baldwin who has also done work on GWSR shed mate 35006 P&O.

Where possible, we are repairing and retaining original material (in red oxide) and replacing metal where its impractical to repair (Grey primer). The whole cab is being built as a bolted kit on a jig built by Andy Meredith, with the jig being a copy of the back of 76077’s frames. Unity Engineering will complete the kit assembly and return it to LMS where the final assembly and riveting will be done.

Andy’s Assembly Jig (Photo by Chris Baldwin)


Cab assembly under way (Photo by Chris Baldwin)

The front panels where the opening windows should fit are due to be replaced as the original windows were gassed out of the plate work at Barry. The original panels are only in place temporarily to strengthen the assembly. The cab roof (not shown in the photos) is borderline repairable. We are assessing whether it is more cost effective to restore or replace this.

The Cab coming together (Photo by Chris Baldwin)

Great progress indeed from our friends at Unity Engineering. With a rolling chassis, smokebox and cab soon to be added, 76077 is starting to look like a locomotive again. There is still a very long way to go and your support is imperative if we are to get the locomotive operational in 5 years time. If you are not already, please consider taking out a share subscription from just £10 per month – it really does help.